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KlikNTrak "Time-off Tracker" is a cloud application that takes the hassle out of managing your employees’ time-off. This app helps you manage vacation time in your company with simple easy to use interface.

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Managing your employee's vacation time "manually" is a cumbersome process. It takes a great amount of effort to manage and track your employee’s upcoming time off requests, total time off availed and remaining time off balance for an employee.

It gets further complicated if your company deals with a combination of "full time" and "hourly" employees, employees’ can do "half-days", company operates all seven days of the week, and celebrates national holidays.

  • Create and manage vacation types
  • Create holidays
  • Set up employees
  • Create time-off-balance for each employees
  • Approve or reject a time-off request
  • Create and submit their Time-off requests
  • View the status of their requests
  • Create and manage time-off requests for single, multiple, or half days
Employees use Time-off Tracker to request time off. Managers use Time-off Tracker to approve time off requests created by employees. Payroll or HR admin use Time-off Tracker to manage and track the time off requested by employees.

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What can you do with "Time-off Tracker"

There are many uses for Time-off Tracker. Some of the most heavily used features include

  • Creating a time-off request for single, multiple, or half days
  • Submitting the request for approval from your manager
  • Tracking your current time off balance
  • Approving or rejecting an employee’s time off requests
  • Viewing upcoming time off requests for your employees

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